You've found my home page, now what?

With no real goal to accomplish with the a home page, I have thrown a bunch of things here that either (a) I like to talk about, or (b) I think someone else will find interesting/useful. Ideally all of information refered to here will be both (a) and (b).

my link in support of the EFF.

I've started to put together a collection of the photos I've taken, here are some.

When a piece of advertising strikes me as .... ridiculous for some reason, I try to take note and share it. Here are some that I've put into HTML.

Here's my experiment in ... you'll know what it is if you see it.

Here is a script that generates a table of lots of colors and lables them with their hex names. I think it's neat.

Some rants and essays (not by me, I don't write)

The problem

A couple years ago I added motorcycles to my short list of motorsports. My current bike is a 1988 Honda NT 650 Hawk GT. There were a couple before that, including a 1981 Suzuki GS450, and a 1993 Ducati 750ss, which was a loaner.

When I was in Hong Kong several Novembers ago ('96) I saw this sign, which had to be photographed.

I went on a trip to Europe in ('95), it was fun.

Click here to see a curious observation about Payne Elevator Co.

I live in Waltham with Lint and Tonka.

useful stuff I've collected.
NEMA configurations, modifying postscript headerp pages under windows, dot pitch, etc.

this man is a ... for lack of a better term, a circus freak. This was the first thing I've seen in a couple years that both fascinated me and creaped me out, so I think others should share the experience. Wow....

Just what is the difference between a synonym, an antonym, a homonym, a homograph, and a homophone?

Ever heard of that lake with the longest name in the world?

Check out this weird walnut , and alsoSurvey Central

I've got a thing for alternitave medicine, so here's a page on Acupuncture.

links links links. ye haw.

There are some home pages of people I know that I think are interesting. You should look at them.

I kept hearing advertisers stating the dot-pitch of monitors, and noone could tell me what that meant for a long time, I figured that someone else might want to know, so...

Some people have found it useful, so here's the color codes and a nice picture of what an ethernet cable should look like, and how to make a flip cable.

So, just who is that up there, and where did this "milktree" thing come from?