This was written in August or September 2000, so I didn't just get it. This page will remain as is because I think the history of such things is interesting. Stuff I've done to it can be found here: Sorry it's kind of lame now, I plan to put more info and pictures up.

I just got a "new" bike. It's 13 years old, but it's new. well, not completely new, but it had less than 4,800 miles on it when I got it, which is basically new.


gauges Check out the odometer! 4,839.9 miles, and that's after I've put 113 miles on it. The previous owner put 1,200 miles on it in 8 years. Yeesh.

chainwear This is pretty cool, there's a built-in chain wear gauge on the frame. It only works with the stock sprocket, I imagine, but I've not figured out the geometery yet, it's only been a couple days.

rightfront One problem with a 13 year old bike with less than 5k miles on it is that it has "new" 13 year old tires. The front tire is original, and has a tendancy to understeer in a rather alarming way. I'm getting new tires post-haste. -- I've gotten new tires, Michelin Pilot Sports. They're sticky and responsive. good tires.

rightsideclose Techniclally it's a 647, not a 650, but I don't think anyone cares about that distinction except for weenies. It's a V-twin, and sounds good, and has a good torquey engine, that's what I care about.

topright A different view.

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