I carry a camera around with me, and some of the photos end up being kinda nice. Here are some of the ones that I've bothered to scan in. click on the thumbnail to see the full size one. Some of them are a little big, so be prepared. they're mostly jpegs, and most will look better with 16 or 24 bit monitors.

I used a Pentax MX for most of these pictures, but I bought a Nikon N8008s so my father could have his Pentax back. The lenses used on the Pentax were a 28mm/f2.8, a 50mm/f1.7, and a 135mm/f3.5. All made by Asahi Pentax, I have four lenses for the Nikon, they are a Sigma 28-70mm/f2.8., a Nikkor 75-300 f/4.5-5.6AF, a Nikkor 105mm f/2.8AF micro , and a Nikkor 20mm f/2.8AF.

These first three are a bit of an experiment with B+W film. I've not used B+W film since like third grade, so I will be on the steep side of the learning curve for a while. These were taken with Ilford HP5 400 asa film.

I took this across the tracks from my work. (53k)

This one is from Acadia National Park, off to the side of one of the carraige trails. (95k)

In summer this would be a streambed, I liked the contrast between the round rocks, the vertical lines of the trees, and the horizontal lines of the shaddows. (37k)

This was taken in Hong Kong in Hong Kong park. (33k)

This one in Bar harbor, ME in February. (92K)

This is some reeds at the north end of Eagle Lake, in Acadia National Park, probably in late summer, but I don't remember. (140K)

From the middle of Eagle Lake, in February. (41k)

The tree outside my house. (66k)

I'm really quite pleased with this one, it was a fortutitous malfunction of the Pentax or the film, don't know witch, although the film looked fine when it came back, so I blame/credit the camera. The camera stoped advancing the film, and I got this really cool triple exposure. These were taken in the Alegheny Mountins in Pensylvania. (170k)

This is on the grounds of Habitat Nature sanctuary, in Belmont, MA, late fall. (84k)

Also at Habitat. (38k)

a red squirl sitting in a tree outside my friend Tim's mother's house.

This is a door to a church in Sweden.

This is a lock on a door at Kalmar castle in Sweden.

It's an Iris.

I took this outside the city hall in Stockholm.

This is Tonka, one of my cats.

I took this on the Norumbega Mountain hiking trail in Acadia National Park.

This is only interesting because it's big, and I got to use my macro lens. The colors are kind of cool, too.

This is a corner of a gate that keeps the crud out of the pumping station at Eagle Lake on Mt. Dessert Island.

My brother took this picture, and I think it's really cool. It's in .... Zimbabwe, I think.

Another lens experiment that turned out kinda neat

I took this in Sweden, it's a 10,000,000,000 year old rock carving. It's not really that old, but it's stone age.

I took this on Memorial drive on a sunday in the summer. I don't know who it is, I used to call her Carolyn, but then I met a Carolyn so the name didn't seem right anymore. I now call her Keri, but I don't know if that will stick.

Tim and I came across the beginings of this snake of rocks in Acadia National Park, and we had to finish it into this. Someone thought this photo was a Goldsworthy. I was really flattered.

Another Acadia National Park photo. They didn't fall this way, but I like to pretend they did.

This leaf I found exactly like this. I'm not psyched at the quality of the scan, the color balance is kinda wrong. The real thing looks better but I like the photo anyway.

Just a tulip. It was between some of the gardens at Habitat.