I like to go racing (SCCA) with my big ol' Honda wagon but it's a little mushy, and the shocks aren't as good as they used to be. I was going to replace them with tunable shocks like Konis or Tokikos, but I can't get at the top of the shock tower in the back of my car 'cuz the interior trim gets in the way.

I'd like a tunable shock that will fit an Accord wagon that can be adjusted from the wheel well, or is short enough that that hole is big enough.

if you have any ideas, mail1 them to me. leaving them way wicked stiff all the time isn't an option, I use the back seat for passengers and sensitive equipment. It's a '93 Honda Accord EX, manufactured in February of '93. (they changed something about the rear suspension half way through the model year.)

1 Actually, don't, I don't have that car anymore.