my rant on earplugs
a pictorial howto cluch replacement for a 2000 GSXR 750
pictures of Katja Poengsgen
list of good roads in VT
an article on road-reading vs bike control it's a good article, sort of on safety, sort of not.
Carb tuning info for a hawk with a supertrapp and UNI pods
Carb tuning info for a hawk with an early TBR full system and UNI pods
Carb tuning info for a hawk with a Supertrapp and stock airbox with holes
Info on Buel turn signals
how to calculate real road speed using the tach
How to clean the crud off of brake pistons
Cat Crap anti fog stuff
Centerstand stop trick for aftermarket exhaust systems.
putting your hawk on the centerstand
My incomplete rant on countersteering
How to deal with the crancase vent when you remove the airbox.
Pics and measurements of an early CBR 900rr shock
pics of the "race" version of an EBC Pro-Lite
Contents of a Factory brand Stage 1 jet kit with pictures and instructions
The problems with a clogged fuel filter
Speed vs. rpm chart in various gears
Me on my hawk
Three blue '88 hawks on a ride  HawkGT info
British English to American English translation
instructions for installing the Mahonkin Heavy Industries headlight relay harness
A car that was hit, very badly.  Kind of amusing in a road accident kind of way, no blood.
a tool to adjust the mixture screws
pictures pointing out the idle screws
left and right handed Hawk keys
fixing a leaky petcock
some of the contact info for places mentioned on the list
Hawk service manual
a Hawk I saw at Motomarket
contraption to easily measure fork oil level
How I mounted my remote resevoir Progressive shock
2001 rafflehawk pics
Pics of hawks collected from all over
locating the rear spark coil
some info on retroreflective tape
feul pump info, provided by RLetter.
an incomplete rant about the volume taken up by PVC spacers
explanation of progressive springs
spring rates, and why you don't want to use the 900rr spring
stretching carb slide springs
pics of a TBR full system mounted on a Hawk
pics of the same TBR pipe before it was mounted
The Season of the Bike.. a well writen article about why people ride.
Things I've done to my Hawk.  Not complete, but close.
Tim's brake, and crud, and my wound from removing the pin-dust cover.
Tim's old worn out chain
What is Bros?  A funny piece on a stupid name.