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TSD rally programs for PalmOS

Are you tired of being priced out of competition? Are you looking for a truly portable rally computer? Do you have trouble keeping up with computers, calculators, timers, odometers, and tables? Do you get confused by complicated navigation "systems"? Would you like to be able to look out the windows again? Do you miss the days when rallying was cheap and fun?

We have the PalmOS rally products to make you competitive with the "A box" navigators at a fraction of the price.

Watch this space for the following TSD rally products:

New! Rally Timer -- download it now for free! (Mac/UNIX) (DOS/Windows)
latest version: 2.00 as of 29 mar 05

TSD Lite -- only $20 -- buy it now and get unlimited free updates! Runs on any Pilot new enough to have backlighting.
latest version: 1.04 as of 19 jul 02

Rally Odo -- coming soon, a precision odometer and timer with remote split and easy-to-read, unlimited logging capability. Requires PalmOS 3.5 or later.

TSD Pro -- Looking for software beta testers! Please send us email, especially if you have a Palm or Sony machine running OS 5, and have an ALFA or Timewise odometer sender installed in your car. Testing will require a simple wiring harness which will require purchase of approximately $20 in parts from Radio Shack (don't worry, no soldering is required).

Mahonkin gets results!

We've taken home a raft of trophies since we started writing these programs. In 2001 alone we had eight first-place class finishes, came ahead of dozens of class A cars, and won every class B series we entered more than one event of.

We've won with first-timers on either -- or both -- sides of the car.

Pick up a copy and start winning yourself!

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Last updated 16 January 2002