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TSD rally program results

We list all our results, not just the wins. As you can see, there are a lot more wins than disasters.

RallyDriverNavigatorSoftwareClassPlace in ClassPlace Overall
Frost Heave 2007UngerShectmanRally Timer 2.00S1/73/19
Big Lap XUngerShectmanRally Timer 2.00CNER1/35/20
Covered Bridge 39ZiburisShectmanTSD Lite 1.05b2CNER1/44/28
Frost Heave 2005UngerShectmanTSD Lite 1.05b2CNER1/22/10
Vermont Winter RallyTuranoShectmanTSD Lite 1.05b2CNER1/34/42
Trunkmonkey Midnight RunUngerShectmanTSD Lite 1.05b2CNER1/22/15
Big Lap VIIITuranoShectmanTSD Lite 1.05b2CNER1/12/12
Essex Ramble IVP. ChernoffA. ChernoffRally Timer 1.0CNER1/22/15
Essex Ramble IVUngerMacchiTSD Lite 1.04B2/211/15
Frost Heave 2004UngerShectmanTSD Lite 1.05b2CNER1/32/14
Ketchum If You CanZaugraHarbourTSD Lite 1.04ENWRC1/38/17
Annual Grand 50UngerShectmanTSD Pro 0.11A1/31/6
The SearchTuranoShectmanTSD Lite 1.05b1CNER1/42/12
Big Lap VIMacchiShectmanTSD Lite 1.05b1CNER1/36/19
First Day OutUngerShectmanTSD Lite 1.04CNER1/11/6
First Day OutTuranoBoardmanTSD Lite 1.04b1B1/22/6
GlobetrotterUngerShectmanTSD Lite 1.04CNER1/34/16
March MadnessBoardmanTuranoTSD Lite 1.04B1/22/3
Annual Grand 49UngerShectmanTSD Lite 1.04B1/12/2
Hurdle 2002TuranoBoardmanTSD Lite 1.04b1B1/31/16
Hurdle 2002Quinn1ShectmanTSD Pro 0.11A1/12/16
Route of All EvilMapplebeckShectmanTSD Pro 0.11EDNF (off)
Essex Ramble IITuranoBoardmanTSD Lite 1.04b1B2/24/14
Memorial Madness IIKarbiner1ShectmanTSD Pro 0.11E3/54/19
First Day OutTuranoBoardmanTSD Lite 1.04b1B1/32/11
HokusUngerShectmanTSD Lite 1.04CNER1/45/22
HokusTuranoBoardmanTSD Lite 1.04b1B2/56/22
HokusP. ChernoffA. ChernoffRally Timer 1.0CNER2/48/22
There and Back AgainMapplebeckShectmanTSD Pro 0.10E3/44/35
Snow and Ice 2002UngerShectmanTSD Pro 0.10; TSD Lite 1.04b1B2/64/31
Snow and Ice 2002TuranoBoardmanTSD Lite 1.04b1B3/66/31
Annual Grand 48UngerShectmanTSD Pro 0.10b2; TSD Lite 1.04b1B1/43/17
Annual Grand 48J. Hughes1DietzTSD Lite 1.03D1/76/17
Annual Grand 48TuranoBoardmanTSD Pro 0.10b1; TSD Lite 1.04b1B3/48/17
Annual Grand 48A. Hughes1SilberTSD Lite 1.04b1D3/711/17
Covered Bridge XXXVUngerShectmanTSD Lite 1.03B2/124/52
The SearchUngerShectmanTSD Lite 1.03B3/57/22
The SearchTuranoBoardmanTSD Lite 1.03B5/511/22
The SearchSilberDietzTSD Lite 1.03D7/920/22
Return of the Crabs NationalS. GaddyShectmanTSD Lite 1.03L3/413/19
Hurdle 2001UngerShectmanTSD Lite 1.03B1/75/29
Hurdle 2001TuranoBoardmanTSD Lite 1.03B3/77/29
Rally Against LeukemiaSilber1Lefton1Rally Timer 1.0F1/56/10
Memorial MadnessShectmanM. GoodwinTSD Pro 0.03 x2L1/25/15
Big Lap VIUngerShectmanTSD Pro 0.03A4/75/29
Rights of SpringReynolds1UngerTSD Lite 1.03D7/157/24
First Day OutStegemoenShectmanTSD Lite 1.03CNER1/22/14
Snow and Ice 2001MacchiShectmanTSD Lite 1.03b1B1/53/33
Snow and Ice 2001TuranoUnger1TSD Lite 1.03b1D1/197/33
Annual Grand 47ShectmanMacchiRally Timer 1.0CNER1/26/18
Annual Grand 47ManchekTuranoTSD Lite 1.02B1/27/18
Covered Bridge XXIVMacchiShectmanTSD Lite 1.02B6/1311/47
Covered Bridge XXIVTuranoManchek1TSD Lite 1.02b2D1/2318/47
The SearchP. GosselinShectmanTSD Lite 1.02b2B3/64/27
The SearchMcCarthyHiltonRally Timer 1.0D2/1611/27
The SearchTuranoDietz1TSD Lite 1.02b2D4/1613/27
South of the BorderShectmanMacchiRally Timer 1.0CNER1/11/4
Lighthouse Depot V NationalMacchiShectmanTSD Lite 1.02b1R1/2022/47
Virginia Reel 2000 NationalC. Lee1ShectmanTSD Lite 1.01R2/312/13
Hurdle 2000TuranoShectmanTSD Lite 1.0D1/125/30
Big Lap VMacchi1ShectmanTSD Lite 1.0b1D1/410/15
1First Time Out
Classes: A, E = Equipped. B, L, ENWRC = Limited. S = Stock. CNER = Taped Odo. D, R = Novice. F = First Timer.

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Last updated 26 February 2002