TSD Lite -- The easy way to rally!

Easily enter your NRIs before (or during) the rally, and simply check them off as you reach them. Read your calculated odometer off your Pilot. Compare to your actual odometer and drive! No need to look at a clock.

Everything you need for New England class B TSD Rally navigation, including convenient thousandths-reading calculated milage and delta odometers; fractional CAS; pause and gain; transit zones; time allowances; excursion adjustment; missed and retroactive CAS entry; return to known landmark; checkpoint and DIY auto-start; emergency speeds; CAS display; adjustable hundredths master clock; seven digit odometer adjustment; and audible odo ticks.

Meets requirements for Limited class in National rallies. May be used with aftermarket odometers in most Limited classes. May not conform to Limited class in some rallies due to direct time input -- but who cares, when you can run with the A cars for hundreds less!

Read the documentation on line.

No special hardware needed -- only $20

Latest release is 1.04 as of July 19, 2002

Last updated 19 July 2002