TSD Pro -- The easy way to rally!

Mount the p1 or s1 rally computer inconspicuously in your car. Connect an odometer sender, a Palm or Sony handheld computer, and presto! All the features of an expensive "A box" without the cost, the dashboard real estate, or the attraction to thieves.

Easily enter your NRIs before (or during) the rally, and simply check them off as you reach them. Read your up time off your Pilot or an attached driver display. Convenient thousandths-reading milage and delta odometers.

Everything you need for class A (Equipped / Unlimited) TSD Rally navigation, including reversible odometer; fractional CAS; pause and gain; transit zones; time allowances; excursion adjustment; missed and retroactive CAS entry; return to known landmark; checkpoint and DIY auto-start; emergency speeds; CAS and actual speed display; easily adjustable master clock; selectable hundredths or seconds displays; audible odo tick option; and seven digit odometer adjustment.

Class B (Limited / Semi-Equipped) mode allows operation in rallies which allow unlimited unconnected calculation and mileage measurement equipment.

Works with most odometer senders.


Model p1 rally computer and PalmOS software, for Palm devices with Universal connector and OS 3.5 or later. Handheld computer, sender, and driver's display not included.
Model s1 rally computer and PalmOS software, for Sony devices with T-series connector and OS 3.5 or later. Handheld computer, sender, and drivers display not included.
Drivers display for model p1 or s1
Odometer sender for model p1 or s1
Sony SJ22 color handheld computer
$400 Save $25!
Complete package including handheld, drivers display, and odometer sender
Software only. Build your own adaptor hardware.

Models p1 and s1 scheduled for release Summer 2003.

Look for models p2 and s2 with dual odometer sender input and remote switch in late 2003!

Last updated 27 April 2003