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Milktree’s cheese sauce

This an Alfredo like cheese sauce that I invented many moons ago when we were still doing friday night midnight pasta.  It has more zing than an alfredo sauce.  This recipe is enough for about 3-5 depending on subtleties like who is eating.


Make a roux with the four and 1.5 tablespoons of butter.

Put the remaining butter in a sauce pan and melt on very low heat then add the garlic.

The garlic and butter want to be cooked for a while to get the garlic oil out of the garlic and into the butter.  The butter should not turn brown nor should the garlic.

Add the salt.  Don’t skimp here until you’ve tasted it on noodles, it always tastes too salty in the pot.

Add the cream and milk and let it heat up.  Add the cheese slowly, stirring all the while.  If the whole thing begins to boil more than just a little, you will be found by the cheese gods and eaten on the spot.  The cheese takes a long time to mix in and melt properly, so be patient. 

The mixture is now too thick to reasonably put on noodles.  Never fear, The wine should fix that. 

If the pasta isn’t ready, for whatever reason, like all the guests aren’t there, or whatever, This is the point at which you can hold the sauce while waiting. 

Add the wine and heat up to just bubbling.  Pour over the noodles.  This will make enough sauce to feed about 3-5 people, depending on what kind of sauce:noodle ratio you like.

Remember that if you cook the noodles al-dente/raw they will absorb more of the liquid in the sauce, and the sauce won’t appear to go as far.  When the sauce cools, it will thicken a little, so slighly squishy noodles might not be all that bad.

Romano Cheese is stronger than Parmesan, and is what gives the zing.  Parmesan alone will give a very rich sauce that might be overpowered by the garlic.  Try varying the proportions of Parmesan and Romano.  I have seen recipes for a similar sauce that included paprika, and I tell you it is a mistake.  It makes it look like something that came out the microwave and then before that a plastic tube with cheese spelled wrong!  Make sure to include the No Paprika.

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