Hard right moral majority types would never have considered voting for trump 15 years ago.  A billionaire playboy that dodged the military, has had multiple wives and goes on the Stern show to brag about the famous women he’s banged?!?  Can you imagine pitching him to a Reagan voter?  The Jerry Falwell and Billy Graham crowd?  I’m not offended he said “Grab them by the pussy”, I say 5 things more offensive than that before my morning shit.  I’m offended that people who spent 20 years pretending to be offended by George Carlin or Andrew Dice Clay aren’t offended by it.

Fast forward to 2016, and voting for Trump seems like a fine idea.  He’d spent 8 years accusing the previous pres of being a Muslim from Kenya.  Calling people by school yard nicknames.  When it came time to vote, he had his base whipped into a frenzy thinking that voting for him was not only a good idea, but a great way to “own the snowflake libtards”, supporting Trump became as much about revenge as it did logic.  By wearing a Trump shirt, you proved you weren’t one of those PC snowflake hipsters.  It was a It was like people wanted to rebel.  People with no actual clue what Trump stood for, people who still don’t realize just how morally bankrupt he is voted for him because it’s a badge of honor to piss off people they disagree with.  It wasn’t like that with Obama or even the Bushes.  People supported them because they agreed with them on their key issues.  I never got the impression from either side that their base was just trolling.  With Trump supporters, there is a distinct “nya nya nya” vibe.

Regardless of his politics, he’s a terrible person, and a terrible president.  He brings out the worst in people.  The world is laughing at him.  He’s a buffoon.  He’s not shrewd.  He’s not smart.  If he worked with you, he’d be the dick in the office no one likes.  If he interviewed to work at your company, you wouldn’t hire him.  If you walked into a car dealership and he approached you trying to sell you a BMW, you’d go buy a Kia.  “Believe me.  This car is the best.  A lot of people tell me I’m a genius.  They tell me I know everything about cars.  Believe me.  No one knows more about cars than me.  Believe me.  This is the car for you.  I’ve driven every car.  The most beautiful cars.  Some people say I invented the car.  Believe me.  Our interest rates are so low, I’m not even going to tell you what they are because they’re so low.  People say to me all the time how low they are.  Believe me.  You need the tire and wheel warranty.  Believe me.  They are paving the road with roofing nails now, did you know that?  I saw that.  People have told me that.”

People blindly supporting a man they’d punch if they met him in a bar.  It’s insane.

January 28, 2019