Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 10:07:27 -0500
From: Steve Lenac 
To: 'Milktree' 
Subject: FW: Shock for a Triumph Speed Triple (T-509)


Here's the info from Wilbers that I received from them when I inquired
about one for my Speed Triple.


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To: Steve Lenac

The WILBERS shocks come with a five year warranty.
The service intervals during this time are approx 2=3 years or 20-30,000
miles. Service is done here in the US at my place at a cost of approx. $
75 - 100 per shock. The WILBERS shocks are custom built to your
specifications by the factory and not converted over here. Other shocks
(Oehlins, Penske etc.) are usually customized to your specifications by
the guy who installs them, or you have to send them to a service place
at additional cost. The shocks can be built to lower your riding height
- some bikes up to 2", as well as to raise the riding height at no
additional cost. Other manufacturers will not do that at all, because it
does not agree with their mass production, or way of manufacturing. The
WILBERS shocks are offered with adjustable HIGH and LOW speed
compression damping. There is a choice between a BLUE (standard) or
Black color spring, at no cost. Other colors can be done at extra cost.
Delivery is between 3 - 4 weeks. The WILBERS shocks are high quality
items, exclusively built to your specifications, at a price level of a
mass-production item.

For the Triumph Speed Triple - 97'   I can offer the following:

WILBERS progressive fork springs, model 600-119-03 @ $ 123.00
Recommended fork oil = SAE 10

Model 640 @ $ 487.00
the shock has adjustable rebound damping with 22 clicks, and infinite
variable adjustment for the spring pre-load via C-spanner


Model 641 @ $ 759.00
the shock has adjustable rebound damping with 22 clicks, as well as High
and Low speed compression damping with 22 clicks and hose mounted

# 629 = infinite variable adjustable ride height +/- 1/2" @  $ 73.00 #
625 = hydraulic pre-load adjuster for rear shock, to eliminate the
fiddling with the hook-wrench @ $ 199.00

The attached pictures (generic) show the different models and installed

S&H in the US is $ 20.00 per shock

If you have any questions or want to talk to me about it, call me at
either my shop 877-786-6543 or eve. 732-833-7783

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of service.

Klaus Huenecke