Honda NT650 Hawk GT Carb and Crankcase vent filters

One of the problems with the hawk is its restrictive airbox. The obvious solution is to replace it with Pods. The problem is that the airbox also holds the crankcase vent and the carb breathers, so they need to be given their own filters and relocated. Here's what I did, it's probably overkill, but it seems to work.

Problem one carb vents. (the simple one)


Simply cut the hose into two lengths such that they will reach over the top of the carbs, meeting in the middle at the top part of the "T" The "T" will be upside down. the breather will fit over the "T", and when you tighten the included hose clamp it will tighten down over the "T" nicely.

Here are some pics:

From the left of the bike, here's the whole image for perspective.

From the right of the bike, here's the whole image for perspective.

Easy, piece of cake. The crancase vent is more of a pain in the ass.

The crankcase vent is harder because it might spew oil sometimes. What some people do is to just take some UNI foam and attach it over the vent with a cable-tie, but that doesn't actually let as much air through as you might want, and any oil that comes through ends up dripping down the side of the engine.

There's a drain hose there for a reason.

What I did was to take a bunch of Home Despot parts and some UNI foam and made a filter that would use the stock drain hose and crankcase vent hose and plug them into a PVC pipe cap with some holes drilled in it and hose nipples screwed in.

I haven't typed up the description of how to do it yet, but I do have all the pictures I took which would probably be good enough.