Short Fox for a Hawk

Tue Nov 19 11:19:59 2002
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Tue Nov 19 11:20:12 2002
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Short fox shock for sale:

Anybody out there with a short inseam want a Fox shock, valved for a
hawk, but with a shorter than stock eye-to-eye length?

It's about 3/8" shorter than a standard Fox, which translates to about
3-4 times that much lower at the rear wheel.

Its length is adjustable, so at maximum extension it's a bit longer
than OEM, at shortest it's about 11mm shorter than OEM, or about
1.5" seat height.

It comes with a ~975 lb spring, and a beat up but not rounded over
adjusting collar.  Still works fine, just not super-pretty

Damping is very good, and retains lots of adjustability.  I believe it
was rebuilt within a few years ago, but I don't have any documentation
to say so.

Here's the deal:

I got it from a guy I met at the track.  I paid $400 plus shipping,
and I'd take that right now.

The shock is in good mechanical shape, it's been re-valved and
re-built for the hawk.  The damping is very good, with lots of
adjustability.  When I compressed it and a stock shock and timed
how long it took to rebound the stock one took 5 seconds, and the Fox
took anywhere from 1.5 to 28 seconds, depending on the setting.  The
compression damping is harder to measure, but it goes from noticably 
less to noticably more than a stock shock.

I'm almost 6' tall, with long legs, so a shorter than stock shock
really doesn't work for me.  I didn't know it was short until I got
it.  That's why I'm not going to use it myself.

I looked into getting it lengthened by Fox, and it would have cost $80
plus shipping, roughly, which is too much for me.

The guy I bought it from might give me my money back, but I'd much
rather sell it to someone who wants it than have the guy who sold it
to me have to deal with it again.

Make me an offer I can't refuse.