Hawk GT rear suspension leverage ratio

Here's my first set of measurements of the leverage ratio of the rear suspension of my '88 Honda Hawk GT. I did it by installing a Fox shock into the bike with the spring removed. I put the bike on its centerstand and put various wedges under the swignarm to lift it in little increments. I used a digital caliper to measure the displacement of the shock, and a tape measure hooked into the axle hole and against a piece of tape with a pen line on it on the rear cowl. I started with the rear wheel hanging, and stopped with the rubber bumper in the shock just touching the shock body, which gives you just a smidge over 4 inches of rear wheel travel. Although there is a little more travel there (that bumper compresses pretty easily for the 10mm or so, giving another inch of wheel travel) I didn't feel that any of that range is interesting because the springing and damping goes all wonky when the bumper starts to compress.

Keep in mind that this is not a sophisticated approach. I had to move stuff around a lot to get the right wedges, and I'm fairly certain my measurements of the shock displacement was not as consistant as it should be. I'll do this again some day, using a jack (instead of wedges) and another person to make all measurements more reapeatable and accurate.

Here's the raw data and some calculated values:

sag (in)sag (mm)wheel rawshock rawΔ wheelΔ shockratenote
469.000<-- there's 2mm slop in all the joints
0.3358.5458.500.328.500.3226.56These two look like bad measurements.
1.29933.0434.006.620.500.0510.00<-- ignore this, must be bad measurement

Here's what it looks like if you plot it: