Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 22:21:30 -0500
From: Robb Z
Subject: raffleHawk update & pics

Hello rafflefolks,

As promised, an update.

Firstly, it does not appear that we will have a vote on this years'
raffleHawk. One of our two entries was crashed last week during an
out-of-state trip, and is no longer in the owners' possession, nor is it any
longer in the midwest. It's schnarbled, as Tim G would say. Schnarble

The brighter news is that our remaining contestant, who's now won by
default, is making good progress on readying this years' prize; the owner of
that Hawk is none other than our own Mike Pescetto, general manager of Big
Dick Enterprises, the folks who're bringing you a host of Hawk hop-up
goodies, some of which will be integrated into this very bike.

Mike's promised to supply a detailed description of the bike and its' mods
soon, but in the meantime here are some pics:

Looking closely, you'll notice some rearset pegs. Hmm. Hey, that's a
larger-than-stock tank, isn't it? Interesting. Fender eliminator, that looks
sexy ...

Thanks to Mike for preparing the bike for us this year, and for running out
to buy a scanner so he could bring us these pics; more pictures will follow
when the bike is completely finished ... come to think of it, Mike's further
along than I was with last years' prize at this time.

More details to come.


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