Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 16:09:24 -0500
From: Robb Z 
Subject: raffleHawk update

Just a quick update for you folks interested in taking home a $20 HawkGT.

We announced the raffle on Thursday around lunchtime; in just over 48 hours,
we've got 41 of the 150 tickets reserved.

Last years' raffle followed a pattern:

-ticket sales started quickly, followed by
-a lull, with just a couple orders a day coming in, followed by
-another rush, as folks realized tickets were almost gone, leading to
-a bunch of attendees at the rally pleading for me to sell them more
tickets, after they were all sold

I will NOT sell more than 150 tickets, folks; when they're gone, they're
gone. It's important for everyone to know their precise odds when
purchasing, period.

Thanks to all who've stepped up so far, and for those of you waiting for the
unveiling of the two raffleHawk candidates, all I can say is "That's your
perogative, and I hope we still have some tickets left for you when you
decide to buy." :)

I just don't want anyone to miss out ... thanks & have a good weekend,


Robb Z

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