Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 13:58:18 -0500
From: Robb Z 
Subject: Hawk raffle announcement !!!

The people have spoken, or more appropriately, the Hawkers have squawked.

There will be another bike raffled off this Spring. The drawing will be held
at the NCHR (Non Coastal Hawk Rally), presumably in early May. And the bike
will be a HawkGT.

Thanks to all who responded both publically and privately. We're going to
follow most of last years' format, which worked very well. There's one
interesting twist; two hawklist members stepped forward this week, almost
simultaneously, to offer up their bikes for raffle duty.

I'm not going to divulge the identity of these two persons at this time; I
can tell you they're both longtime list members. Their bikes each have a
number of attractive upgrades and/or extras, and each was going to ask $3k
on the open market before the subject of the raffle came up.

Since neither of these individuals had any inclination to host the raffle,
I'll be acting rafflemeister again this year, but this will be YOUR raffle.
Not only are you, the listmember, going to have a chance at winning one of
these Hawks, but you're going to PICK which one you might win. Here's how
this all will work:

-in approximately three weeks, I'll be posting a bunch of pictures and a
detailed description of each of the Hawks to a website; listers will have a
certain amount of time, say 2 days, to vote for their favorite. Votes must
be sent to the whole list, not privately. Winning Hawk will be this years'
rafflehawk; owner will deliver to my garage and hand over the bike, keys,
title and any other goodies described in their presentation in exchange for
$3,000 cash

-150 tickets will be sold at $20 apiece; since we have a lot less time this
year, we'll open ticket sales immediately to anyone who wants them

-each ticket will correspond to a number; numbers are posted here
for all to see; 150 markers numbered 1 to 150 will be available for
inspection at the rally, then dumped into a box, shook, and the winning
number drawn

-we'll contact the winner & post the results to the website immediately from
the rally; the bike will be trailered to the rally for the drawing. You need
not be present to win; if winner is not present, I will store the vehicle in
a secure location until it can be retrieved or shipped

-if winner does not wish to retrieve or pay to have the bike shipped, it is
up to them to sell the bike to whomever they wish, for whatever dollar
amount they feel is appropriate, i.e., "Hey, I just won the raffleHawk,
anyone on the list wanna give me $ XXXX.XX for it?"

-specific numbers will be held on a first-come basis for a period of 10
days; if payment is not received in that time, the numbers will again become

If anyone has general questions, feel free to reply to the list; if you wish
to reserve a number, contact me directly

Payment can be sent by check/money order to:

Robb Zimdars
N52 W23798 Parkview Drive
Sussex  WI  53089

or to this email address ( if you wish to charge
your ticket(s) to your Visa or Mastercard using the PayPal system.

PLEASE remember to include your phone number along with your ticket order.


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