Hit and run victim

This is amazing. This car was parked on the other side of the driveway, and was hit hard enough to slide it all the way across the driveway, across 15 feet of grass, over a shrub, with the wheels digging in all the way. There is glass from the right rear window on the opposite side of the driveway from where it rests now. You can see it in the last image. You can see the tire marks on the driveway and in the dirt where it left a trail. I think the "Visualize world peace" bumper sticker is choice.

I figure the only thing that could have done it would be a Semi trailer or a dumptruck or something equally huge. If it had been a car or SUV there would have been two cars in the driveway, not just the one, and there would have been more glass from the headlights of the other car too.

Just imagine the energy it must have taken to do that kind of damage!

It also looks like it was done on purpose, based on the condition of the mailbox, although it's possible that the homeowners re-mounted a new mailbox and the crabgrass grew there since then. Crabgrass grows pretty fast.

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