Fox Hawk Shock spring rates

According to Fox Shocks These are the recomended rear spring rates for a Hawk GT.

Rider weightspring rate
90-140lbs950 lb/in
141-180lbs1000 lb/in
stock spring1016 lb/in
181-230lbs1050 lb/in
231-280lbs1100 lb/in

Traxxion claims a 1,300 lb spring for a 160-190 lb rider, but they cater to the racer and not the street rider, and even then they tend to be on the stiff side.

The Hawk list and my own experience says that the rates are 1 step too soft, maybe two steps if you're racing. I'm 160 lbs w/o gear and I've got a 1050lb spring on one Hawk, and 1100lb spring on the other, mated with .85 and .90 kg/mm fork springs respectively.