EBC Pro-lite Race rotor

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Information that came with the disk says:


EBC Pro-lite disks are built with aluminum hubs and low carbon billet steel rotors. The brake effect/friction level of the billet steel is 18% higher than stainless steel and should give an immediate noticeable increase in stopping power. The low carbon content of this disk reduces disk shrinkage, which is the main problem causing distortion with stainless units. During continued heating and cooling of race use there will however be some shrinkage and this needs to be detected by pushing the bobbins from the spring side with your thumb to detect that there is still some axial float. The buttons should remain freee capable of axial float and even rotation with the thumb and first finger at all times and need to be checked after each race.


After a period of time, which can be as low as several races depending on the harshness of your own riding style and braking, the rotor will shrink and tighen up on the buttons, as mentioned above.

At this point the original red buttons need removing and replacing with the high tolerance button kit, enclosed with this rotor.

This will reinstate the radial tolerances on the disk and give many more hours of useful race life, but if and when eventually the rotor tightens up on these buttons, the rotor ring must be replaced.


Please contact our race service department on 425 486 1244 (USA) or (01604) 583344 (UK) to purchace rings at special subsidized price allowing the rotor to be rebuilt.

It must be understood that the rotor rings are a replacement/consumable item and their lifetime is not indefinite. The good thing about EBC's low carbon billet steel rings is that they do not become brittle and suffer catastrophic failures, as with cast iron.

It is MOST IMPORTANT to make sure when rebuilding the rotors, that the circlips are not either over stretched on disassembly and they snap positively around the full length of their circumfrence into the grooves on the bobbins/buttons when rebuilding with new rings.

CHECK CIRCLIPS BEFORE AND AFTER EVERY RACE to maks sure that none have come loose or been lost and replace as necessary.

It is also strongly recommended to use a sealant "drop" on each clip to prevent any clips or washers becoming dislodged.


This is a lighter weight rebuildable race disc for use by trained professionals and should NOT be used for road bikes.