Hawk, VFR, and F2 clipons

The top one is an F2 clipon.
The middle one is a VFR clipon, from '95 I think.
The bottom one is a stock Hawk clipon.

Note that the Hawk one is not actually flat, it's angled *up* a little bit, which has the effect of making it flat because of the rake of the fork tubes (when mounted) and because they're angled back.

It also means that the VFR and F2 are really angled down quite a bit once you figure in fork tube rake.

You can see that the stockers are centered on the fork tube, the F2 is quite definately offset forward, and the VFR is somewhere in the middle.

The CB-1 clipons are about the same height as the VFR's but more forward, almost as far as the F2's. The CB-1 info is from memory, not from measurement.

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I did a bunch of measurements:
Hawk37/8"0"- 3/8".
VFR750 ('91-'97)23/8"1/2"1"
F2/3 ('91-'98)11/2"13/8"1"