Bogus FF50 driving light mounting

The FF50s appear at first glance/test to be quite nice lights.

The reflector is made of magnesium, so it can handle pretty much any bulb you put in it. The lens is glass so it can handle lots of heat too. The bulb is a modern H7 bulb, so it's got a nice compact filiment, high lumens to watts ratio, and probably plenty bright. I haven't tested it on the road yet though.

There's no facets on the lens at all, and the reflector is smooth too, so it looks cool.

I hooked one up to a battery and shined it around my basement, and it looked like the beam pattern was round, not flattened, so it might be possible to mount them vertically. It wasn't obviously wrong when I turned the lamp vertical, but that might be a trick of the brain/eyes, and not one of optics.

Here's my first attempt at a bogus mounting mechanism for the lamps. Keep in mind that I did this late at night after moving heavy stuff all day in less than 10 minutes, and that includes finding the right size drill bit(s) and filing the edges so they wouldn't be sharp. It is no more than a proof of concept.

It kinda seems like it ought to work, but the aluminum bracket would have to be trimmed so it could point straight forward no matter what, and it would either need some angled shims (I think they can just be had with enough googling) or the bracket would need to have a deliberate twist in it to keep the lamp level.

Given the practically round beam pattern, I don't think it would make much difference for light distribution, but it looks kinda funny at a slight angle, (stock bars) and would look even sillier with F2/3 bars that have more "droop".

The kit comes with a butt-load of wire, a switch, and (I like this bit best) a relay that has a standard ATO fuse socket built into it. I wonder if I can buy those fused relays separately, they seem really useful.




I've tried a substantially less bogus mounting method. You can see it here.