DID chain tool

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the upper part of the tool aligns to "A" or "B" depending on if you're cutting, pressing the plate on, or swaging the rivet.

The Anvil has a groove on it for pressing the plate (so the pins don't get mucked up) The other side of the anvil fits over the "press" (the threaded bit).

The pin that fits in the press is reversable for if you're breaking the chain or swaging the new pin.

It requires two wrenches to use it, one is a 17mm or something common, something you're likely to have in your toolbox.  The bigger one, howerver, is not.  It's 27mm, and you can't use a socket, you have to use a combination or adjustable wrench.  I use an adjustable one because I didn't want to spend the $$ for a box end wrench.  I should though, a box end wrench would be a easier to use.

You can also see it comes in a nice box!

I got this one from a Sprocket Specialists dealer, but it can be had from the Rider Warehouse catalog (Aerostitch.com). Sprocket specialists will get it to you for less money.