Burned Hawk, one year later (plus a bit)

My bike was in a fire a year ago, and I've not ridden it since. Luckily I've got another Hawk to ride!

This is what happens when you rebuild a Hawk that's burned, getting replacement parts from eBay and kindly list members.

As you can see, there are some duplicate parts. This is all the parts that came off the bike (almost) as well as the replacements. There are some parts not shown too, like the seat, cowl, replacement fender, exhaust cans (Old TBR and new M4) and the carburetor, and some other parts.

I started laying out all the parts so I could keep track of what I still needed and noticed that it looked kinda cool.

Fri Oct 1 13:17:35 2004
original - 201 kB

Fri Oct 1 13:15:37 2004
original - 420 kB

Fri Oct 1 13:17:25 2004
original - 207 kB

Fri Oct 1 13:17:13 2004
original - 194 kB

Fri Oct 1 13:16:45 2004
original - 98 kB
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